About us

Nail Spa the spa with a whole new feeling, focused on giving into your whims and fancies, offers a wide range of treatments to make ‘Every Woman’ look MORE beautiful.

About Nail Spa

Nail Spa offers you the luxury of a wide selection of treatments that range from skin care to semi-permanent nails & makeup, exquisite nail art and rejuvenating hand & feet treatments, eyebrow micro-blading, eyelash extensions, lip embroidery and eyeliner embroidery to manicures, pedicures, Special Nail Art and Bridal Packages for Brides, Bridesmaids and Weddings are compiled to your own desires and designs. Nilanthi Genevieve Weerasinghe – is the Founder/President Cuccio Sri Lanka/NailSpa (Pvt) Ltd., and the appointed Distributor & International Educator for Cuccio , USA. Nilanthi is a professional lash and eyebrow, skilled artist and trainer having trained in the USA as a semi-permanent makeup artist, she is certified and qualified with over 5 years’ experience in this field.

Our History

Nail Spa began in 2003 with a dream, a vision and a strong girl who wanted to make every woman look her best with just a little touch of glamour and glitter on her nails!
In this year “nail art” became a much sort after necessity, setting the stage for a long and successful ride. This was just the first step in a journey that was born of a touch of artistic flare with a skilled team - that began to change the way women feel.
Today Nail Spa drives a series of outlets that cater to serving women in helping them look even more beautiful with longer lashes, fabulous pouty luscious lips and gorgeous thick eyebrows that take 10 years off a woman’s face. Treatments are extensive, soothing and designed to pamper.

Enter a wonderful ambiance and luxurious setting
at Nail Spa salons.

Friendly staff.

Efficient and friendly staff.

CUCCIO products

Only Cuccio Natural products are used at all times.

Personal attention

Personal attention to detail.

hygienic standards

Safe and hygienic standards maintained.

Enjoy every treatment.

Enjoy state-of-the-art pedicure spa chairs to give you a relaxing back massage while you enjoy a mani/pedi or just about every treatment.

Our Nail Spa Outlets

Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel, Odel – ward place , Kess Salon- Rosmead Place, K-Zone (Ja-ela).
Our new fully fledged Spa & Salon at the Movenpick Hotel on the 23rd floor - that boasts a fantastic view.
This outlet offers a line-up of new services that include haircuts, styling, oil massages, bonding, body waxing and facials along with our other services.

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Nail Spa brings you the opportunity to experience Cuccio products from the largest nail and beauty product manufacturer in the world.
Created in 1981 and now a multi-million dollar global corporation, Cuccio Naturale, the first natural nail, hand and foot care treatment product line, was created with the expertise of Mr.Cuccio’s Italian background, personal experience and visits to Italy. He developed products that enhanced the beauty of clients worldwide.
Today you too can experience the beauty of CUCCIO.
NailSpa (Pvt) Ltd., is the appointed and authorized distributor for Cuccio Naturale and Star Nails International USA – for Sri Lanka & Maldives.
Cuccio Naturale products made of fruit extracts, include 24hr Moisturizers, Body Butters, Skin Polishers, Sea Salt Scrubs to Body-Washes, Nail Polish and more...at very affordable prices that make wonderful gifts and can be purchased off the shelf at any of our Nail Spa outlets.
The Cuccio experience is uplifting, not just to the body but to one’s mind and soul too. The luxurious smooth feeling of the body butters is an experience to be discovered.



NailSpa the distributor for CUCCIO, won the “Best Brand Building Performance Award” at Cuccio Asia Summit 2016 and again in 2017.

In 1986, Star Nail achieved the ultimate recognition making INC. 500 and achieving “Entrepreneur of the Year!”